Clinical Research of South Florida (CRSF) is a full service clinical research site that delivers high quality clinical research services through a highly trained, experienced and dedicated staff.
CRSF has worked with most major pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s and is committed to providing high-quality study results with reliable clinical data, in addition to providing high quality care to patients.

Jeffrey B. Rosen, MD, board certified family physician and the Medical Director and founder of CRSF, has over 30 years’ experience in clinical research and has conducted more than 650 clinical trials in many therapeutic areas. He is a founding member of the Alliance for Multispecialty Research and speaker for several pharmaceutical companies.
CRSF’s mission is to perform clinical research trials that help improve lives and advance medicine.

Meet Our Staff

Jeffrey B. Rosen, M.D.
  Principal Investigator
Maria M. Rodriguez, RMA-CRT-CCRC
MariaRodriguez@CRSouth florida.com Administrator
Barbara Melo, RMA-CRC
Barbara@CRSouthFlorida.com Coordinator
Carlos Colunga, CRC
Carlos@CRSouthFlorida.com Coordinator
Julio Gomez, CRC
Julio@CRSouthFlorida.com Coordinator
Maylin Gonzalez
Maylin@CRSouthFlorida.com Recruiter
William Ferreira, CRC
William@CRSouthFlorida.com Coordinator
Martha QuiƱones, CRC
Martha@CRSouthFlorida.com Coordinator
Adriana Silva
Adriana@crsouthflorida.com Business Development
Monique Quintero
Monique@CRSouthFlorida.com Recruiter
Herenia Sanchez-Lacayo, CCRC
Herenia@CRSouthFlorida.com Coordinator
Antonio Castaneda, CRC
Antonio@crsouthflorida.com Coordinator