Do Migraines keep knocking your life off-track?

A migraine is a debilitating headache disorder that affects 14% of the population, and up to 18% of women. A migraine is currently ranked by the World Health Organization (WHO) as 19th among causes for years lived with disability. Migraines can cause severe, throbbing headache, sometimes concentrated on only one side of the head or around one eye lasting between four and 72 hours. A headache that worsens with exertion, nausea, and vomiting, extreme sensitivity to light, so painful to the eyes and head that it requires a retreat to a darkened room.

Clinical Research of South Florida needs volunteers age 18 to 65 who suffer from migraine headaches to test an investigational migraine medication.

If you suffer with Migraine Headaches, please call to see if a free evaluation is available.

Those who qualify will receive study related care and medication at no cost, and may receive compensation for their time and travel. If you or a loved one are interested and want to learn more or see if you qualify, please complete the form below OR you can alway call or text us at  305-445-5637.

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